Meet the teams

Here at St Alban's we like to give our pupils a say in running the school. Children have the opportunity to be part of several groups, all of whom have an impact on the direction and decisions made by school.
School Council
The School Council has two representatives per class from Year 2 to Year 6. To be elected, children have to give a speech in front of their class to tell them why they believe they would be a good School Councillor. Every child in the school has a vote in the school council elections.

School Council meetings are held regularly in school. Issues that arise in class are discussed and the link teacher then represents the school council to report back to the Head Teacher or at staff meetings. Feedback and further action plans are always given at the next school council meeting.

Chaplaincy Team
Meet our chaplaincy team who support the development of the faith of the school. They are made up of two teams who work with Mr Rowan (Chaplain at Bishop Challoner). The Chaplaincy team lead assemblies, prayer services and are often seen leading the Rosary with the younger children in our school. 
House Teams
All pupils in Year 6 are in one of four houses: St Andrew, St David, St George and St Patrick. They support the school by carrying different tasks such as: Basic Skills, Health for Life, Eco and British Values

Children are able to earn points for their house through good work and behaviour. Also during the year there are various inter house competitions involving sport and other activities.

Each week the House Captains count up the points from each class and a weekly winner is announced. Whichever House has the most points each week is awarded the weekly house trophy.


Altar Servers
Our Altar Servers are made up of children from Year 4 to Year 6. They are a great team who organise their own rotas and support both Father Phillip and Father Simon during Mass on a weekly basis. 
Play Leaders
Our Play Leaders are a group of Year 5 children who support the Catholic Life of St. Alban's by dedicated their time to others by organising games for our Key Stage One children. They have been trained by Bishop Challoner and have regularly updates on their organisation and routines by Mr Griffin.